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Good 'Mourning!'

Mourning, an expression from the inside out, a period of time in which signs of grief are shown.

Immediately after my husband died, the instrument he played faithfully during Sunday worship, was draped in his honor. Our church was in mourning. A few months thereafter, the music ministry that he loved so much, unveiled a beautiful wall marquee tribute, acknowledging him. Another expression of mourning. Not only were my children and I in mourning, but I believe the body of Christ was impacted, as well. It was such a trying time for all of us.

Did I wail? Most definitely! Did I shut down? Almost. Was I willing to trust the process? Not totally willing in the beginning; however, I knew I needed God's tender touch to help me with this devastating loss. My Good 'Mourning' was necessary, and then, it was time for healing.

God began to position me for restoration, drawing me in to His word. "Blessed are they that mourn for they shall be comforted." (Matthew 5:4) Every tear that I shed, God knew what each one meant to me. God assessed my Good 'Mourning' and said, "I've come to heal your broken heart, Barica; it won't happen overnight, but if you trust Me, I'll bring you through this because I know that I will get the glory out of your pain."

Can you imagine a deep cut on your arm? As you treat the wound with ointments or salves (does anyone remember the salves?), it gradually begins to heal from the inside; it's still a little tender, yet, it's healing. After a while, the cut develops a hard scab and if you press on it, there remains a slight tenderness, but it doesn't hurt nearly as much as it did when the cut was inflicted. And now the scab, which protects the wound while healing, has come off the arm and there's a nearly visible scar where the wound used to be. Interesting, isn't it?

It's the same with a broken heart. When we lose someone we love, it hurts to the core, but God said to "Cast all of our cares upon Him; for He cares for you." (1 Peter 5:7) If we accept the invitation to trust God, not only for healing of the heart but, deep cleansing of the mind; I am a witness and I'm sure you have a testimony as well, that God will sustain you, through it all. Jeremiah 31:13 assures us, "...for I will turn their mourning into joy, and will comfort them, and make them rejoice from their sorrow. Expect unspeakable JOY!


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