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Joy and Pain

The holidays can be a difficult time for all of us who are dealing with a loss. Losing a loved one, a job, a house or car, a special pet, a relationship or a business is never easy. There is no pause button for grief, especially during the holidays. Our hearts feel pain even when there’s joy all around us.

Yes, we grieve and feel the loss, many times. My personal recommendation is to allow yourself to feel what you feel. God understands and wants us to place our vulnerabilities and broken hearts into His hands. He’s well acquainted with grief.

As it relates to the loss of a loved one, The Apostle Paul encourages us in 1 Thessalonians 4:13 "not to grieve as those who have no hope". Jesus is the believers' Hope! Our Hope comforts us, gives us strength and puts our grief into perspective.

My tender heart misses my husband immensely! I'm always reminded that the other part of me is missing, holiday or not. The void is absolutely REAL! So, don't expect to breeze past these difficult moments during the holidays or any other day, but do expect God, our Hope, to help us through the pain. Just know, we're in this together.

To help lift someone's spirit this season, I am excited to give three (3), "You Are Never Alone” YANA Care Packages (pictured below) on behalf of the first three (3) subscribers who email me with a recipient’s name, address and the subject of their loss. I will ship it to them. The care package includes my signed new book, A View Through a Widow’s Window, a personal 'thinking of you' note and other thoughtful nuggets. From my heart to theirs!

If you know of anyone who is experiencing a loss, please consider purchasing the “You Are Never Alone” YANA Care Package. It's a wonderful feeling to know someone is thinking of them and always lifting them in prayer. The cost: $35. To place your order, there are two options below, scan to pay or click the link.

Have a Merry Christmas!

Grief Support Group coming soon!



You Are Never Alone Care Package


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