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Grief the Thief

What is grief? Grief is our unique, yet normal response to loss. We may feel a sense of anger, insomnia, overwhelming sadness and even guilt. Grief isn’t the same for everyone, but can expect some form of grief. There’s no right or wrong way to grieve and there’s no end date. However, we don’t want to fall int a state of depression. God is near.

If our grief resonates with no one else, it is heartfelt by our Heavenly Father. The scripture says, He was “… a man of sorrows, acquainted with deepest grief”, Isaiah 53:3 (NLT). The best way to describe this is, the greater the love the greater the grief. God understands our emotions, frustrations, challenges and the feeling of abandonment. And the truth is when all else fails, there’s love. Love lifts us to greater dimensions; yes, from our lowest and darkest of valleys.

While in our valleys, we cannot allow Grief to be the thief of our joy and peace. Let’s try this God’s way by surrendering every emotion from our loss, giving the Comforter free reign over the healing process. It may not feel like it early on, but Healing is sure to come to a surrendered heart. As we cast our “loss” cares or any care for that matter upon Him, our surrendering ignites the beginning of healthy grieving.

When grief rises up within me, it hits at some of the most unexpected moments. Often times, my tears flow excessively and my heart skips several beats, but I’ve learned to allow these emotions to proceed “without caution”. It’s not that I’ve given in to grief, but that I’ve come to realize my true emotions are part of me. What a blessing!



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